The story behind a prescription-strength treatment for inadequate eyelashes began when Allergan, a pharmaceutical leader with 20 years of eye care expertise, developed a medicated eye drop to treat elevated intraocular pressure.  Many patients using this medication noticed fuller and darker lashes as a side effect. As a result, Allergan conducted clinical trials and received FDA approval for Latisse in December 2008.

Latisse is a once-nightly treatment that gradually results in longer, fuller, darker eyelashes.  The result of continued use is a gradual increase in lash volume and length, typically with noticeable results after four weeks and a full growth in sixteen weeks.

Sanctuary Body Spa is a medical-grade spa offering prescription strength beauty enhancements, such as Latisse.  If you could benefit from this product, consult your Sanctuary therapist for a consultation and find out if you’re a candidate for this revolutionary beauty breakthrough.