If there is no age to have dark circles, the phenomenon tends to worsen over time. Genetics, age, fatigue, stress or even lifestyle … are correlated with the appearance of the first dark circles. Lucky for us, there are cosmetic treatments available to improve the eye area.

Eye contour, a sensitive area!

This is the area of ​​the face where the first fine lines appear. It is also the place where our face betrays our fatigue or our moods.

The eye area is known to be a very sensitive area that requires specific care. But why is eye care so important, and why is your day cream not doing the job?

Did you know that the skin around the eye is 3-5 times thinner than the rest of the face? This area is particularly poor in collagen and elastin.

Not very oily, the thin and delicate skin around the eye has few sebaceous glands. This results in a low protective hydrolipidic film. The eyelids are therefore more fragile and sensitive than the rest of the face.

Now that you know the importance of this small part of your face let’s take a look at how to tackle dark circles.

Blue or purplish circles

We are talking about the failure of the blood and lymphatic microcirculation around the eye. This type of dark circles is characterized by a more or less pronounced purplish pigmentation of the lower eyelid.

The key to eliminating them is finding out what is causing them. This type of dark circles comes from the fact that the veins become visible through the skin. Two reasons for this: dilated veins and/or thinner skin under the eyes.

Fight against the dilation of the vessels:

Caffeine (including local caffeine-based treatments) should be avoided. Like energy drinks and some drugs that dilate blood vessels …

Painless and noninvasive, the Jet Peel allows for multiple treatments in one session: mechanical peeling or bio-peelinglymphatic drainage, infusion of multivitamins cocktails, of hyaluronic acid and active agents brightening s to regenerate your skin deep. A modern concealer supplement.

So, in the case of dark circles, these products can possibly improve blood flow (and oxygenation) to the eyelid. For dark vascular circles, this makes the problem worse. If in doubt, it is better to limit these substances.

Remember to get regular physical activity. You will thus maintain good venous tone. Likewise, a balanced diet is strongly recommended.

Dark circles give a look a tired and aged appearance.


How to treat dark circles?

In the institute, we can gently depigment the eye contour. A gentle peel associated with a depigmenting treatment can be useful. The peel will erode the stratum corneum and send a strong growth signal to the dermis and the epidermis, which will thicken. However, great vigilance must be taken not to accentuate the problem.

The coloured circles linked to hyper-pigmentation are not easy to deal with, and demand is high, especially for ethnic skin. In terms of peeling, it is better to increase the frequency of peels rather than increasing the power of said peels.

Another solution to correct dark circles, radiofrequency. It uses the waves to create stimulation of the collagen and thus helps to make the skin more toned, more radiant and smoother. Radiofrequency waves stimulate the dermis and thicken the skin, which is ideal for coloured circles.

The radiofrequency is an aesthetic technical painless and safe to treat all the imperfections of the face skin.

For your part, you have to remember to apply daily good sun protectiontype SPF50. Even when there is little sun and especially if you go to the sea or to sky.

Get rid of dark circles

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